Paul Celan / "Microliths"

Translated by Pierre Joris

Edited by B. Wiedemann and B. Badiou

ISBN: 9780992409210

For the first time in a foreign language, this title uncovers a collection of fragments, aphorisms, paradoxes, sketches and short narrative fragments taken from the posthumous papers of Paul Celan, Europe's most compelling post-war poet. The selection (theoretical & critical fragments from between 1967 & 1969) is taken from Paul Celan, Mikrolithen sinds, Steinchen, the collected posthumous prose as edited by Barbara Wiedemann and Bertrand Badiou & published by Suhrkamp Verlag in 2005. In that edition the roughly 200 pages of Celan’s writings (divided into sections of aphorisms, narrative fragments, dialogues, notes, theoretical-critical fragments, unsent letters & texts concerning the Goll affair) are followed by a 700-page apparatus of bio-bibliographic commentaries. The English translation by Pierre Joris of the texts with a reduced commentary section, from which the present excerpts are taken, is the first time this material has been translated.





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July '17